Thai Massage

The Thai Massage is traditional massage from Thailand. The masseuse will stretch and soothe your muscles.

60 min $85 / 90 min $120

Swedish Massage


This is our twist on the classic. Still relaxing and comforting but with the accomplished touch of a true healer. Our therapists use an abundance of hydrating oils with long flowing strokes that unwind even the tightest of muscles.

60 min $85 / 90 min $120

Deep Tissue Massage

East meets West with this massage, which combines the techniques of energy flow, meridian massage, and acupressure with slow strokes and direct pressure to deep muscle tissue. This intense massage totally unwinds you.

60 min $95 / 90 min $140

Blossom Massage

Blossom Massage draws from a variety of techniques and styles including Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Traditional Thai to thoroughly work any areas of concern and provide a truly indulgent experience for your mind, body, and soul.
This customized massage is our most popular massage.

60 min $110 / 90 min $150

Couples Massage


At Blossom Spa, we pride ourselves on being that special place for special occasions. Any treatment we offer can be done side by side with the people you care about most. Any of our signature massages can be performed as a couples’ massage. Choose from: Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Blossom.

Included in our couples massage:

-Massage in our private couples room

60 or 90 minutes, from $170 - $300, depending on the amount of service time and type of massage chosen.

Pregnancy Massage

This is a special time in your life when your body needs that extra release. Let our therapist ease those aches and pains away while bringing the fluidity back to your body. *Not available during the first trimester of pregnancy.


60 min $95 / 90 min $130

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage is a unique connection we experience with nature, offering a sense of sacredness we too often forget. From deep within the earth, smooth, basalt rocks of varying sizes are gathered then heated and placed on key points along the body creating comfort while deeply relaxing the muscles and mind. Warm massage oil is then added to combine long fluid strokes with hand and stone. Feel your body unwind while melting into your senses.


60/ minutes $110 / 90 minutes $155​ 


King’s/Queen’s Massage

Step back in time with us and believe for a moment that you are King or Queen of a vast land. Drift off in your private chamber and let our expert therapists perform a 4 handed synchronized massage, using all the techniques and skills that have made us an award-winning Spa. Let them give you the attention reserved for royalty. Designed to meet your body and spirit’s needs, 4 hands work fluidly together to give you a massage fit for a king or a queen. This customized, Swedish touch, two-therapist massage is our most decadent massage.

60 min $160 / 90 min $250

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

A special healing and spiritual massage derived from ancient master healers of Hawaii. Lomi Lomi flows from the heart, out through the hands and into the body using “Ha”, the breath of life. With fluid, rhythmic motions, this technique combines gentle and deep tissue kneading strokes that free energy flow by releasing stress and muscle tension. Lomi Lomi restores balance and harmony to mind, body, and spirit. Relax, let go and simply be. *By appointment only.

60 min $100 / 90 min $150

The Remedy

Enjoy a Traditional Thai treatment for the feet and hands. Starts with a warm lavender foot soak to refresh the skin and to release any stress, then sit back and relax for a complete reflexology massage. Reflexology is the gateway to the body’s organs.

30 min $45


Aromatherapy / $10

Hot Stones / $20