Image by Samuel Austin



40 min  |  $110

This body polishing therapy is a sacred treat for anyone who needs a healing reminder to Be In Harmony with one’s True Self. Our therapist will begin with a pure lavender sea salt  mixture that contains beneficial trace minerals, thoroughly removing any dead skin from the surface of your body. Then, you’ll be wrapped up while a soothing face massage and calming lavender scalp massage will be done for you. Finally, a nourishing moisturizer will be applied all over your body. You’ll walk out feeling refreshed & renewed…and, GLOWING like The Sacred Moon! 


40 min  |  $110

Remember when you were a kid & the ice cream truck arrived and you enjoyed an orange swirl pop on a warm summer day? Well, this full body treatment of uplifting citruses and sweet aromatic vanillas will certainly be a treat for your senses on any day! We’ll start off with a gentle body scrub by rubbing on a sweet citrus blend of sugar all over your body. After that, your therapist will massage your face and stimulate your scalp with a blend of essential oils. You’ll be tantalized from head to toe, for sure! Towards the end, a delicious vanilla, hydrating body moisturizer will be applied.


"THE RAH-SOUL"  ~  Detox Clay Wrap w/shower 

50 min   |  $135

This detoxifying body treatment is an amazing way to revitalize the overall well being of your mind, body & soul. By using a dry brushing method to slough away dead skin & to stimulate lymph drainage, your body will feel invigorated & re-awakened! Then, your therapist will gently paint on a purifying mineral clay to continue your detoxification. Soon after, you’re wrapped up in a warm cocoon of healing layers while a soothing facial massage & stimulating eucalyptus scalp massage is performed. Lastly, a healing & hydrating moisturizer will be applied all over your body.  
*Please note that this treatment is not recommended for pregnant women.